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Meet Rachel

I have been a practicing Chiropractor since 2004, completed training as a yoga teacher in 2010 and continue to study deeper into the healing art of Craniosacral Work. I have studied with various teachers in the ‘field’ over the years and feel I have gained a rich body of wisdom that continues to expand and evolve. I am mother to three beautiful children and wife to a wonderful and loving husband.

My journey into Chiropractic, Yoga and Craniosacral Work started at a very young age. My father had a disc injury when I was growing up and would often have low back pain. I had a way of reducing the pain and loved to use my ‘healing hands’, so I took great pleasure and pride in offering my skills. When I was at secondary school an opportunity presented itself to do some work experience with a chiropractor. I had no idea that such a vocation existed so my passion for this healing art was fired up and my path was clear. Whilst at University at The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC) I also found my passion for Yoga and Network Spinal Care (Network Chiropractic or NSA). I began studying and receiving NSA, alongside my traditional Chiropractic education and continued with a steady yoga practice, both of which helped tremendously with my studies.

I graduated from WIOC in 2004 and continued to develop skills in NSA, kinesiology (TBM) and cranial work (SOT). My love for yoga developed further and I went on to complete training through the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) with a Diploma in Yoga Teaching in Sussex in 2010. I also gained my Part 1 and 2 certification in NSA. After moving back to my roots in Cornwall, I found Craniosacral Work. Deeply grounding and nurturing, one short session and I knew this work was also in my heart and my hands. I have been studying with The Milne Institute for the past 3 years and continue to develop my skills in the art of deep listening and healing through this light form of touch.

My Ethos

The deepest and most profound change I have felt and experienced in my body have been from NSA and CST work. I have been witness to and felt first-hand the remarkable and life-changing benefits of both modalities of healing. I am still overwhelmed and in awe how such a light touch can bring about such large shifts and it is often the things we don’t expect that have the lasting effects. Not only in reducing pain and inflammation and other physical changes in the body through the release and re-organisation of tension, but in the small but significant changes that can happen subtly in people’s lives over time; living on purpose with more connection, alignment and joy to name but a few. This is why my passion is fuelled by this work and why I do have such pride and pleasure in sharing my skills with the community around me.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”