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Yoga literally means ‘union’. Through the practice of yoga we become united in body, mind and spirit. We become more whole. And from this wholeness comes an improved quality of life, we can manage stress more effectively, and we have increased flexibility inside and out.

Most people start practising yoga as a form of exercise to increase flexibility, to support a previous injury or health concern, or to find relaxation and calm the mind from daily anxieties and stresses. Yoga can be helpful for all of these things. Moving our bodies is an extremely important part in maintaining a healthy equilibrium; as is finding stillness. In our society today working longer hours stuck at computer desks, driving for hours in our cars and general busy-ness day to day, we fall short of really connecting to ourselves physically and internally. Our time is precious but we fail to remember the huge benefits of taking a moment to stop. Going to a regular yoga class can really create this opportunity to schedule a ‘stop’ break and allows us to actually reconnect to ourselves.

Classes are balanced with a mix of standing and seated asana often with a general theme to work around and each class includes some type of breath practice and meditation or relaxation. Everybody is welcome to join the class no matter what level you are starting at. In yoga we listen carefully to what feels right for us so there is always opportunity to rest or work a bit more dynamically if that’s what feels good and is needed during class.

Your health and wellbeing is paramount so if you have any concerns regarding your health or wellness that could influence your practice please feel free to discuss further with Rachel.


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Class Timetable

Currently Rachel is only teaching one class on Saturday mornings at 9.30am-10.45am at The Old School Centre in Illogan. One to one classes at The White Room are available and exploratory and advanced workshop details will be coming soon. Please drop in or contact for more details.

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“The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga”.

Yogi Bahjan